Back on YouTube

New Baby, Postpartum and Life Update on YouTube

It feels like I’m at a bit of a turning point right now. I’m not pregnant anymore, I’m five weeks out in my postpartum recovery. The baby is starting to sleep a bit better and be a bit more awake and alert during the day. We are also hitting a full year into this pandemic, vaccines are finally rolling out and it feels like there will eventually be an end to all of the isolation we’ve all been going through. Winter is coming to a close and Spring is in the air and the sun is shining longer and longer each day. And so, I feel my head clearing and my energy returning and the first thing I have done is turn on my camera and film a video!

I love YouTube and have felt so disconnected from everything and everyone that goes along with maintaining a YouTube channel. It has been so hard to have anything to say these past months because I have just been sitting in my house, in a pregnant body, under a pile of children. I have made a little update video and I’m happy to be back to more regularly publishing content there, and here on this blog.

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