Three Things I Love About: Sundays

This is part of my “Three Thing I Love About” series.

Sunday mornings in our house are a time to relax and recharge. Even in the midst of the pandemic lockdown we are all in, Sundays are still very much a day off in our house.

1. Coffee!

OK coffee is obviously a part of every morning, not just Sundays. However, on Sundays I can usually drag out the coffee drinking all morning and actually enjoy it because I’m not multi-tasking as much. It’s just pajamas, kids’ toys and a cup of coffee.

2. No Cleaning

Raise your hand if you think cleaning is the worst. (My hand is highest.) I want to live in a clean space but I do not actually want to do the work to make the space clean. My cleaning routine is to do most of it during the week, a little each day, and then do just about nothing on the weekends.

3. Yummy Food

Sundays are usually pancake day or at the very least, a hot breakfast. The whole family is at the table eating the same thing at the same time and most of the time we don’t have any screens going. During the week we sometimes have books being read online, or a video call with Grandma, but on Sundays it’s a table full of pancakes and toppings and we just eat.

Another thing about Sundays is that my husband has been doing a lot of pretty intense cooking lately. He has joked that his midlife crisis is becoming an amateur chef and that I’m benefiting. I totally am. He made me some elaborate and delicious ramen for my birthday and he has been making lots of vegetable stock, whole roasted chickens and pickled onions.

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